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Snowflake Tim's Big Holiday Adventure: Press
Dec 13, 2008 – Jan 4, 2009

From Chicago Stage Review

December 29, 2008
By Robert Andersen

Growing up can be hard enough, but when your 10 and you have younger siblings you might need therapy. Being the baby of the family can have its advantages, although therapy is still an option. If youíre the lucky parent of multiple children, you must bring them to see Lifeline Theatreís current KidSeries show, Snowflake Timís Big Holiday Adventure.

Tim Snow is a likable boy just trying to get along with the cool kids, while stuck as a big brother to his little sister. Jessica Snow is a sweet girl of a much younger age and, although she idolizes her big brother, she too is trying to test her boundaries. On the way home one day Tim and his sister cross paths with one of the "cool kids" that Tim knows. He informs Tim that it is NOT cool to be seen hanging out with his little sister. In an effort to show his independence Tim sends Jessica on home with out him. When Tim finally arrives home his father is needless to say upset. He charges Tim with watching her while he runs to the store for more sugar to finish his special sugar cookie dough and cautions him to not let anything happen to the cookie dough while he is gone. There you go, thatís the set up. What happens after this is an enchanting trip filled with mystery, magic, intrigue, danger, and dancing.

The story of Snowflake Tim is beautifully written by Lifeline Ensemble member Christina Calvit and it is no wonder why this show is enjoying its third season on the holiday schedule. This is not a holiday show that shoves the traditional trappings at you. In fact, it could take place at any time of the year. It is a heart warming and engaging way of showing siblings the positive influences of growing up together.

My 10 year old daughter, Emma, was captivated by the similarities with her own 3 year old sister. For a change, she was nudging me during the show. The cast is delightful and presented the myriad of characters very appropriately. They encourage the younger members of the audience to participate in the play through dance, games and improv.

This non holiday tradition gets 3 1/2 stars and two (10-year-old) thumbs up.

From the Chicago Reader

December 17, 2008
By Jack Helbig

Best known for her graceful stage adaptations of novels by Jane Austin and others, Lifeline Ensemble member Christina Calvit has penned an engaging, fast-paced holiday fantasy about a boy (Diego Colon) who wishes his sister (Sarah Beckette) away and then has to go on a fanciful journey to save her. Along the way the three-person cast repeatedly break the fourth wall, involving the audience in a lot of the adventure. At times, Calvit and director Dorothy Milne come perilously close to too much interactivity, but are saved by their ensemble's charm and playful energy. At the performance I attended, the kids in the audience just ate it up.

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